Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks And Appliances

Modern appliances look more sleek and appealing than ever. Whereas household appliances once had a very specific and functional appearance, they are now increasingly stylish looking. Rather than being made of plastic or painted metal, it is becoming more common to see appliances with a stainless steel finish.

Stainless steel looks sleek and chic. From larger appliances like the oven or refrigerator down to coffee makers and toasters, having your appliances in a matching stainless steel finish simply looks smart. Of course there are more functional uses for stainless steel around the house, too. Wherever the stainless steel, it needs to be cleaned regularly. But how?

The trick about cleaning stainless steel is that you don’t want to use any harsh chemicals or do too much heavy scrubbing. The metal can become discolored or get scratched if you are not careful, so how do you get out those tough stains?

You can purchase special cleaners that are specifically formulated for cleaning stainless steel. They include chemicals that work effectively for this type of metal cleaning but do not cause stains or create other problems. If you are wary of chemical cleaners you might want to look into natural methods and ingredients for cleaning stainless steel.


For cleaning stainless steel sinks you can use natural ingredients such as vinegar. Simply dampen a cloth with vinegar and wipe down the sink. You can also try dipping a lemon or lime cut in half in some baking soda and rubbing in a circular motion to clean. Then rinse well and dry.


Getting your stainless steel appliance clean can be difficult. Fingerprints can be hard to remove and even after you clean you can often see streaks on the appliance. For this reason it is a good idea to take a two step approach to cleaning.

First wash the surface. You can use a glass or mild surface cleaner to rub away all the stains. Next get a good stainless steel polish and rub it evenly across the surface. Be sure you use a soft, clean rag that has not been used on other surfaces, which may have picked up abrasive ingredients that can scratch your stainless steel.

Cleaning brass can also be difficult. One solution is to mix vinegar and salt or baking soda and rub onto the brass or soak. After a while rinse it off and wipe it clean and you should have your shining beautiful brass back.

Cleaning metal can be difficult because of the nature of the material. Following the tips above can help you to get your stainless steel household items clean and looking great. Maintaining them this way will keep them a beautiful addition to your home for many years to come.